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Created July 30, 2015 07:21
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git shortlog go1.5beta2..go1.5beta3
Adam Langley (1):
crypto/elliptic: call IsOnCurve via the interface.
Alan Donovan (2):
bytes: document that Buffer values must not be copied
Revert "bytes: document that Buffer values must not be copied"
Alex Brainman (2):
runtime: skip TestReturnAfterStackGrowInCallback if gcc is not found
syscall: warn not to use FormatMessage
Andrew Gerrand (2):
misc/makerelease: delete
doc: remove non-answer from FAQ
Austin Clements (20):
runtime: remove out-of-date comment
runtime: clarify runtime.GC blocking behavior
runtime: fix comments referring to trace functions in runtime/pprof
internal/singleflight: deflake TestDoDupSuppress
runtime: remove # from gctrace line
runtime: always report starting heap size in gctrace
runtime: document gctrace format
runtime: steal the correct amount of GC assist credit
runtime: fix mark 2 completion in fractional/idle workers
runtime: make notetsleep_internal nowritebarrier
runtime: disallow GC assists in non-preemptible contexts
runtime: yield to GC coordinator after assist completion
runtime: retry GC assist until debt is paid off
runtime: don't start workers between mark 1 & 2
runtime: allow GC drain whenever write barrier is enabled
runtime: enable GC assists ASAP
runtime: close window that hides GC work from concurrent mark
runtime: avoid race between SIGPROF traceback and stack barriers
runtime: always capture GC phase transition times
runtime: report GC CPU utilization in MemStats
Brad Fitzpatrick (16):
doc: document GODEBUG=netdns=X and netcgo in go1.5.txt
os: remove stuttering return value names
net/http: add example for setting trailers in an Handler
doc: add crypto/sha512 additions to go1.5.html
doc: document net/http.Request.Cancel in go1.5.html
doc: remove mention of default GOMAXPROCS(1) in Effective Go
api: add go1.5.txt API file, reset next.txt
doc: add missing preposition in go1.5.html
cmd/dist: remove prints during test registration
net: make GODEBUG=netdns=cgo force cgo as documented
net/http: fix a data race when Request.Cancel is used
net/http: on Transport body write error, wait briefly for a response
net/http: make Transport return proper error on cancel before response headers
net/http: pause briefly after closing Server connection when body remains
net/http: disable new flaky TestTransportCancelBeforeResponseHeaders test
encoding/json: test style tweaks
Brian Gitonga Marete (1):
A+C: Add another email address for Brian Gitonga Marete.
Carlos C (2):
strconv: add examples to package
html/template: add examples to package and functions
Damian Gryski (1):
go/types: fix suspect or
Dave Cheney (1):
os: add test to ensure Rename returns *LinkError
David Chase (2):
cmd/compile: adjust annotation of implicit operations.
cmd/compile: prepend captured args to called-closure params
David Crawshaw (4):
doc: document ios build tag for crypto/x509
runtime/cgo: remove TMPDIR logic for iOS
cmd/go: import runtime/cgo into darwin/arm64 tests
cmd/doc: extend darwin/arm64 test TODO to arm
David Symonds (1):
lib/time: update to IANA release 2015e.
David du Colombier (1):
runtime: fix x86 stack trace for call to heap memory on Plan 9
Didier Spezia (2):
encoding/json: fix decoding of JSON null values
encoding/xml: EncodeToken silently eats tokens with invalid type
Dmitry Vyukov (3):
internal/trace: fix fuzzer crashers
runtime/trace: add new package
runtime: fix out-of-bounds in stack debugging
Hari haran (1):
doc: add line break in install-source.html
Hyang-Ah (Hana) Kim (1):
androidtest.bash: robust cleanup in case of failure.
Ian Lance Taylor (27):
cmd/go: ignore import of "C" when fetching dependencies
cmd/compile: ignore carriage return in magic comments
runtime: check for findmoduledatap returning nil
cmd/go: rewrite TestNoteReading to use test harness
cmd/go: don't run TestInstalls in short mode
cmd/go: build errors rather than strings in some tests
cmd/go: build errors rather than fmt in a couple of tests
cmd/dist: increase timeout for standard tests
cmd/link: if -B option was used, pass it to the external linker
cmd/go: skip TestGoInstallErrorOnCrossCompileToBin in short mode
cmd/go: pass an unmodified environment to a go run program
cmd/go: fix typo in comment
runtime: if we don't handle a signal on a non-Go thread, raise it
cmd/go: for get -t and list, look up path in vendor directories
cmd/link: don't generate .exe extension for external Windows link
runtime: fix runtime·raise for dragonfly amd64
cmd/go: document environment variables
runtime: require gdb version 7.9 for gdb test
cmd/cgo: document how CGO_ENABLED works today
runtime: log all thread stack traces during GODEBUG=crash on Unix
go/internal/gcimporter: only run compile test if go tool is available
cmd/dist: run misc/cgo/testsovar on darwin and netbsd
runtime: correct implementation of raiseproc on Solaris
runtime: fix definitions of getpid and kill on Solaris
runtime: don't define libc_getpid in os3_solaris.go
test: don't run issue10607.go on ppc64
test: don't run fixedbugs/issue11656.go on netbsd/386
Ingo Krabbe (2):
misc/cgo/testsovar: needs the `extern` keyword to export variables on non-windows platforms
cmd/dist: add command output for dist tests
Jeff R. Allen (3):
os: improve documentation on Rename
crypt/rand: update docs for Linux
cmd/go: avoid long lines in help messages
Konstantin Shaposhnikov (1):
cmd/go: support Git repos
MathiasB (1):
net/mail: enhanced Address.String and ParseAddress to match RFC 5322
Matthew Dempsky (4):
go/internal/gccgoimporter: fix handling of "byte" and "rune" alias types
cmd/compile: add missing quotation mark
all: cleanup usage of dashes in package documentation
cmd/dist: cleanup message about building go_bootstrap
Michael Hudson-Doyle (3):
cmd/compile: define func value symbols at declaration
runtime: pass a smaller buffer to sched_getaffinity on ARM
test: do not run external linking test on ppc64le
Mikio Hara (6):
net: avoid unnecessary conversion in address selection
net: classify site-local unicast in address selection
net: deflake TestDialTimeout{,FDLeak} in the case of TCP simultaneous open
net: don't return DNS query results including the second best records unconditionally
net: make spuriousENOTAVAIL to be able to parse EADDRNOTAVAIL correctly
cmd/internal/asm: delete
Paolo Martini (1):
doc: fix typo
Paul Marks (3):
doc/go1.5.html: update the net.Dial release notes.
net: compute the Dialer deadline exactly once.
net: Set finalDeadline from TestDialParallel to avoid leaked sockets.
Peter Waldschmidt (2):
encoding/json: add JSON streaming parse API
encoding/json: fix EOF bug decoding HTTP stream
Rick Hudson (1):
runtime: force mutator to give work buffer to GC
Rob Pike (7):
runtime: document that GC blocks the whole program
runtime: make the GC message less committal.
doc: add a clause about embedded methods to go1compat
doc: mention the ppc64(le) ports in release notes
cmd/go: mention go tool compile etc. in the help text for build
cmd: delete old[5689]a
doc: add json tokenizer to go1.5.html
Robert Griesemer (4):
go/types: remove non-existing mention of MethodSetCache from comment
go/types: make types.Typ a slice, unexport UniverseByte/Rune
math/big: document rounding for Rat.FloatToString
spec: be precise about rune/string literals and comments
Russ Cox (42):
crypto/tls: check cert chain during VerifyHostname
cmd/go: fix missing internal import error
crypto/x509: disable sha2 test with system APIs
runtime: disable TestGoroutineParallelism on uniprocessor
runtime/pprof: ignore too few samples on Windows test
cmd/link: elide individual gcbits symbols
runtime/cgo: make compatible with race detector
net: do not look up abc by default
runtime: handle linux CPU masks up to 64k CPUs
os/exec: close read pipe if copy to io.Writer fails
cmd/pprof: fix race between viewer and web command
cmd/link: write combined dwarf file to same directory as output file
runtime/trace: fix TestTraceSymbolize networking
cmd/go: document internal and vendor
runtime: make pcln table check not trigger next to foreign code
encoding/xml: restore Go 1.4 name space behavior
go/internal/gcimporter: reenable TestImport
runtime/cgo: move TMPDIR magic out of os
go/build: update deps list
go/build: make TestDependencies check all systems at once
runtime/pprof: document content of heap profile
Revert "test: do not run external linking test on ppc64le"
cmd/go: fix custom import path wildcards (go get
cmd/go: use hg repo for shutdown check
cmd/go: do not panic on template I/O error
encoding/xml: fix race using finfo.parents in s.trim
encoding/json: take new decoder code off Decode path completely
cmd/go: prefer <meta> tags on to the hard-coded logic
cmd/asm: fix and test CALL, JMP aliases on arm, arm64, ppc64
runtime: use 64k page rounding on arm64
cmd/go: fix go get -u with vendoring
cmd/compile: align arm64 stack frames correctly
runtime, reflect: use correctly aligned stack frame sizes on arm64
cmd/link: fix nosplit stack overflow checks
cmd/internal/obj/arm64: reject misaligned stack frames, except empty frames
runtime: reenable bad pointer check in GC
cmd/internal/obj/arm64: fix build
runtime: fix darwin/amd64 assembly frame sizes
runtime: ignore arguments in cgocallback_gofunc frame
runtime/trace: record event sequence numbers explicitly
runtime/trace: remove existing Skips
runtime: set invalidptr=1 by default, as documented
Silvan Jegen (1):
bufio: Remove unneeded error initialization
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