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Last active Aug 23, 2019
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Hello, this is cryptozeny.

There is one thing to explain. I posted a Sugarchain mainnet launch announcement on A person named cpuminerdev started to claim that (cryptozeny) was the same as wjcloud, the culprit of the Bitcoin Platinum case.

In conclusion, this is not true at all.

  1. wjcloud A few years ago I only had a phone call with the wjcloud. The call was asked to help the wjcloud develop coin including Ethereum ProgPow hard fork. I refused because I already knew the trueth of wjcloud. Since then, He subsequently came to the community and asked again, but declined each time. I've (cryptozeny) never met wjcloud offline, but according to the testimonies of my friends, the wjcloud is an ordinary Korean high school student. I heard that he recently developed a new coin.

  2. proof I have all the records for a year (include phone call). I will release it if necessary. If necessary, I will take legal action in South Korea.

  3. Conclusion I (cryptozeny) is not wjcloud.

Thanks for reading.

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