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Getting the most out of Git

Getting the most out of Git

This GitHub gist contains instructions for the R, git & travis tutorial.

Assumed knowledge

Partipants must be familar with

  • writing basic R functions
  • basic git, e.g push, pull, commit. The initial task will be to
    • fork a repo
    • Clone the repo onto your machine
  • basic GitHub
  • writing simple R package

Before the course

Please create accounts on the following websites:

R Stuff

R Version

R 3.5+ will almost certainly be fine for this course, but I've constructed the material using R 4.0.0, so if possible please update to the latest version of R.

RStudio or ...

I'll be using RStudio. Again, the version probably doesn't matter, but if possible, use the latest.

You don't have to use RStudio. If you use something else, please ensure you can push/pull from GitHub.

R packages

We'll use the following R packages during the tutorial:

  • remotes
  • gh
  • drat
  • roxygen2
  • usethis
  • rhub
  • travis
  • pkgdown

To install run

install.packages(c("remotes", "gh", "drat", "roxygen2", "usethis", "rhub", 
                   "devtools",  "pkgdown"))

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  • online training
  • R & Python consultancy
  • Shiny development
  • Infrastrture development
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