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Prerequisites for ODSC

R for Python Programmers

This course is suitable for anyone with a some previous background in programming (not necessarily Python).



Please make sure you a using a recent version of R (at least 3.6.X) - the final digit is the minor version number. The essential numbers are the first two. You can check the version of R you are running via


To be honest, earlier versions of R should work, but if possible, get the latest.

RStudio IDE

Please install the latest version of RStudio Desktop IDE.

R Packages

During the course, we'll use a few R packages. These can be installed using

install.packages(c("tidyverse", "drat", "okcupiddata", "tidytext"))

Course material is found in a bespoke, non-cran package that can be installed via

install.packages(c("jrTidyverse", "jrTidyverse2", "jrAutomate", "jrShiny", "jrIntroduction", "jrGgplot2"))

Colin Gillespie

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