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Last active Feb 6, 2019
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Marta Config
// Callum Silcock's config for Marta
"environment": {
"terminal": "iTerm",
"textEditor": "Visual Studio Code"
"behavior": {
"theme": "Kon",
"controlStyle": "fromTheme",
"sheetDialogs": false,
"forceOverlayScrollBars": true,
// Default date format (here is the specification
"dateFormat": "%x %X",
"menu": {
// True if the first item should be automatically selected when a popup menu opens
"preselectFirstItem": false
"actions": {
"core.trash.confirm": false,
"core.delete.confirm": true,
"core.favorites.showPinnedPlaces": true,
"core.copy.askTargetPath": true,
"volumeSpace": {
"show": "never",
"fonts": {
// File list font
"files": [
"Fira Code Retina",
// Breadcrumbs font
"breadcrumbs": ["Fira Code Retina", 15],
// Table header font
"tableHeader": ["Fira Code Retina", 14],
// Status bar font
"statusBar": ["Fira Code Retina", 14],
// Action bar button font
"actionBar": ["Fira Code Retina", 10],
// Tabs font
"tabs": ["Fira Code Retina", 14],
// Ephemeral (virtual) tabs font
"ephemeralTabs": ["Helvetica Neue Bold Italic", 12]
"keyBindings": {
"": ["Cmd+Tab"],
"": ["Cmd+Shift+Tab"],
"setup": {
// Pinned places (shown above the favorite items).
"pinnedPlaces": [
{"path": ""},
{"path": "/Users/callumsilcock/hole"},
{"path": "/Users/callumsilcock/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs", "name": "iCloud"},
{"path": "/Users/callumsilcock/media/tv", "name": "TV Shows"},
{"path": "/Users/callumsilcock/media/movies", "name": "Movies"},
{"path": "user.home"},
{"path": "system.applications"}
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