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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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BaseId - Anti-sybil accounts with Basic Income



  • A collection of Ethereum accounts where each account maps to one, and only one, living person.
  • Members are entitled to distributions of Ether from returns accrued via a fund administered and maintained by members, in proportion to their holdings of a token "Base".
  • New "Base" is distributed, monthly*, on an equal basis to all members, in line with an annual inflation rate of 20%*.


  1. New user submits:
  • photo file (uploaded to ipfs, swarm, or initially a centralised service, hash recorded)
  • fee of 10Eth*
  1. New user validation:
  • 20* randomly selected (validated, non-zero "base" holding?) members create a pool of validators for matching the submitted photo to the member (video conferencing, meetups).
  • A validator may decline to participate, or a time period (1 week*) for their participation may expire. In such cases, they are replaced in the pool until 10* of the validators have either accepted or rejected the application.
  • Declined/expired participation of validator results in decrement* of their "Base" holding
  • Rejected applicants lose their application fee
  • Validators are rewarded* for participation if they contributed to either ultimately accepting or rejecting an application
  • Successful applicants are credited with 20,000* base
  • Note, validator rewards need to be calibrated such that the reward is greater than the potential loss via dilution of accepting, or of rejecting and keeping the registration fee

###Membership / Participation

  • Participation in seeking fund distribution (basic income) is optional as regards maintenance of a members BaseId. Members may let their base holding fall to 0 with no repercussions other than not receiving distribution.
  • Any Ethereum account/contract may hold base.
  • Only base held by validated members counts towards distribution.
  • Parameters, investments, upgrades, handled with voting
  • voting weighted by member "Base" holding, as a proxy for participation
  • members may transfer their identity to a new Ethereum account

###Anti-sybil Measures

  • Beyond the efforts of the registration process to limit membership to one person only, a challenge/defend scheme, with appropriate rewards/costs will exist to remove and penalise members who attempt to create/maintain more than one account.

###The Fund / Basic Income

  • Meaningful distributions will, of course, depend on a healthy fund with which to invest in other ventures, or for staking (after transition to POS)
  • A percentage (25%*) of returns is held for reinvestment in order to achieve fund growth
  • Fees/Contributions will be sought for utilisation of validated accounts by other Dapps
    • Oracles
    • Dispute resolution
  • Philanthropists may contribute to the fund, with the option to withdraw their contribution


  1. distribution interval
  2. rate of inflation
  3. registration fee
  4. registration "Base" allocation
  5. number of registration validators in pool
  6. number of registration validators need for acceptance
  7. number of registration validators need for rejection
  8. non-participation in registration validation
  9. validator reward for successful application
  10. validator reward for rejected application
  11. percent of returns distributed
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