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Last active April 1, 2022 21:24
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A spike for having CallableInterfaces in PHP
// In PHP internals, maybe this is an abstract class instead?
// Maybe an attribute?
class FunctionalInterface {}
interface MyAction {
public function invoke(string $foo, int $bar) : bool;
class ObjectAction implements MyAction {
public function invoke(string $foo, int $bar) : bool {
echoo $foo, $bar;
return true;
function doIt(MyAction $action) {
$action->invoke('foo', 42);
$goodFunc = function(string $a, int $b) : bool {
echo $b, $a;
return true;
$badFunc = function() {};
doIt(new ObjectAction()); // 'foo', 42
doIt($goodFunc); // 42, 'foo'
doIt($badFunc); // exception, wrong method signature
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