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@cstorey /cat.cljs
Last active Dec 24, 2015

A buffering version of cat(1) in ClojureScript with core.async
(ns cljs-cat.core
(:require [cljs.core.async :refer [chan sliding-buffer put! close! <! >!]]
[clojure.string :as string]
[cljs.nodejs :refer [require]])
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :as m :refer [go alts!]])
(defn log [& args]
(let [now (js/Date.)
time-str (format "%04d-%02d-%02dT%02d:%02d:%02d.%03dZ"
(.getUTCFullYear now)
(.getUTCMonth now)
(.getUTCDate now)
(.getUTCHours now)
(.getUTCMinutes now)
(.getUTCSeconds now)
(.getUTCMilliseconds now))
logstr (apply str (interpose " " (cons time-str (map pr-str args))))]
(.write js/process.stderr (str logstr "\n"))))
(def outstanding (atom {}))
(defn log-outstanding []
(let [{:keys [read wrote]} @outstanding
delta (- read wrote)]
(log :read read :wrote wrote :delta delta
(->> (iterate #(bit-shift-right % 10) delta)
(take-while (partial not= 0))
(map #(mod % 1024))
(map #(str %2 %1 " ") ["b" "k" "m" "g" "t"])
(apply str)
(add-watch outstanding :throughput-watch log-outstanding)
(defn read-to-chan [ch strm]
(let [readable-ch (chan)]
(doto strm
(.on "readable" #(put! readable-ch :readable))
(.on "end" #(close! readable-ch)))
(while (<! readable-ch)
(loop []
(let [buf (.read strm )]
(when buf
(swap! outstanding #(update-in % [:read] (fnil + 0) (.-length buf)))
(>! ch buf)
(defn writeable-from-chan [ch strm]
(let [drains (chan)]
(loop []
(let [buf (<! ch)
drain-cb (fn drain-cb [] (put! drains :token))]
(if buf
(.write strm buf drain-cb)
(<! drains)
(swap! outstanding #(update-in % [:wrote] (fnil + 0) (.-length buf)))
(.end ch)))))))
(def fs (require "fs"))
(defn -main
"I don't do a whole lot."
(let [pipe (chan 1024)
;; Ideally, we'd just use process.stdout here, but writes to it
;; seem to block whether or not stdout is a terminal.
ostr (.createWriteStream fs "/dev/stdout")]
(read-to-chan pipe js/process.stdin)
(writeable-from-chan pipe ostr)
(js/setInterval log-outstanding 100)
(println x "Hello, World!")))
(set! *main-cli-fn* -main)
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