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What's the Deal with Microsoft Edge?!

What's the Deal with Microsoft Edge?!



  • native browser introduced in 2015, the default browser with Windows 10
  • not well-known in the public consciousness, even though it has about 5% market share
  • only browser being actively developed by Microsoft, IE just gets patches

Rendering (Layout) Engine

  • Uses a new rendering engine that supposedly conforms to web standards better than Trident (IEs rendering engine)
  • Uses EdgeHTML which is a fork of Trident, with legacy code removed from older versions of IE
  • committed to consistentcy with WebKit - Safari's rendering engine and Chrome's (kind of)

"any Edge-WebKit differences are bugs that we’re interested in fixing."


  • showing gradual growth, probably due to people buying new computers

browser market share

  • 4 out of 5 Windows 10 users go out of their way to download another browser other than Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 browser market share


  • Edge is the primary target for "bot-weilding scammers" because of its vulnerabilities
  • they exploit these browsers to automate ad clicks
  • as much as HALF of Edge's trafic is bots
  • factoring in bots, Firefox has a higher market share than IE + Edge


scooby doo edge

Although Edge is the butt of many jokes amongst developers, Microsoft seems to have shown significant effort in improving Edge, despite its lack of popularity amongst Microsoft users. It clearly has security issues, but the reason for Windows 10 users going out of their way to download other browsers is unclear.

In my opinion, Edge was poorly marketed and poorly named. Perhaps they were trying to win back Chrome converts with an "Edge"y name, but they likely confused tech laggards who bought new PCs, and they downloaded Internet Explorer because that is the browser they were familiar with.

What do you think about Windows Edge? Do you have any personal experience that disputes these findings?

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