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<!-- begin template match for page intro snippet -->
<xsl:template match="table[@class='snippet-page-intro']" mode="copy">
<div class="uthsc-page-opening">
<xsl:if test="tbody/tr[2]/td[2]/*">
<h3 class="uthsc-page-intro"><xsl:apply-templates select="tbody/tr[2]/td[2]/p[1]/node()" mode="copy"/></h3>
<xsl:if test="tbody/tr[3]/td[2]/*">
<p class="uthsc-page-lead"><xsl:apply-templates select="tbody/tr[3]/td[2]/p[1]/node()" mode="copy"/></p>
<!--<p class="uthsc-page-lead"><xsl:copy select="tbody/tr[3]/td[2]/p/*" /></p>-->
<!-- end template match for page intro snippet -->
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