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<table class="snippet-callout-secondary">
<tr class="uthsc-ouc-instructions"><th>SECONDARY Callout Directions [do not delete]</th><th>Content [edit this column to display on the page]</th></tr>
<td class="uthsc-ouc-instructions">
<p>Creates a secondary, or informational, callout with a light blue background. <strong>Should be used when you need to call attention to an object that will remain on the page for a short time.</strong> For a basic callout, use the callout snippet. For a warning callout (for a closing or short term problem), use the warning callout.</p>
<h2>Callout Heading, if needed</h2>
<p>Use the callout to provide attention to a certain section of the page. Information here should be kept short and informative.</p>
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