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Camille TJHOA ctjhoa

  • Paris
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ctjhoa / First error
Created May 27, 2015
Trait ToSocketAddrs
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2 ctjhoa@localhost ~/rust/coreutils (git)-[master] % make TESTS='hostname' test :(
rm -rf /home/ctjhoa/rust/coreutils/tmp
mkdir /home/ctjhoa/rust/coreutils/tmp
cd /home/ctjhoa/rust/coreutils/deps && cargo build --package getopts --release
cd /home/ctjhoa/rust/coreutils/deps && cargo build --package libc --release
rustc -O -L /home/ctjhoa/rust/coreutils/build/ --extern getopts=/home/ctjhoa/rust/coreutils/build/libgetopts.rlib --extern libc=/home/ctjhoa/rust/coreutils/build/liblibc.rlib --crate-type rlib --emit link,dep-info /home/ctjhoa/rust/coreutils/src/hostname/ --out-dir /home/ctjhoa/rust/coreutils/build
/home/ctjhoa/rust/coreutils/src/hostname/ 73:49 error: type `collections::string::String` does not implement any method in scope named `to_socket_addrs`
ctjhoa / erreur
Last active May 4, 2017
erreur nom
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error: expected `::`, found `)`
--> src/
68 | named!(entity_value <&[u8], (&str,<Vec<&str> >)>,
| ^
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