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function pushSomething(ref) {
// Let's push something. push() returns a reference that you can hold onto!
var justPushed = ref.push({test: "push"});
// We return a reference, but you can also return the name of the newly
// created object with .name().
return justPushed;
function removeItem(ref) {
// Now we can get back to that item we just pushed via .child().
ref.remove(function(error) {
alert(error ? "Uh oh!" : "Success!");
function go() {
var testRef = new Firebase("");
var newRef = pushSomething(testRef);
// Later... should popup an alert that says "null" (No Error).
/* for testing: */
var name = 'me';
var text = 'something';
var nameRef = new Firebase('');
nameRef.child('test').set('anothertest'); // writing data as list (adds node directly under root)
nameRef.child('test').push('moretesting'); // using child instead of set (generated unique child name) (adds "moretesting" to uniquely named child node of test child node of root)
nameRef.push({name: name, text: text}); // automates generation of unique child names (adds uniquely named node under root with two child nodes "me" and "something")
nameRef.set({name: name, text: text}); // object (overwrote all child nodes of root, adds "me" and "something")
nameRef.update({name: name, text: text}); // writing multiple children without overwriting other data
$('#remove').on('click', function(){
console.log('button clicked');
nameRef.child('test').remove(); // this removes the parent of test (RemoveTest)
nameRef.child('name').remove(); // this removes "name:'me'" from root (RemoveTest)
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