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Last active July 25, 2021 18:58
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import Pluto
function plutostate_to_julia(state::Dict{Any, Any}, juliafile::AbstractString)
cell_order = UUID.(state["cell_order"])
cells_dict = Dict([UUID(k) => Pluto.Cell(cell_id=UUID(k), code=v["code"], code_folded=v["code_folded"]) for (k, v) ∈ state["cell_inputs"]])
cells = [cells_dict[id] for id ∈ cell_order]
nb = Pluto.Notebook(cells, "", uuid4())
open(juliafile, "w") do io
Pluto.save_notebook(io, nb)
function plutostate_to_julia(statefile::AbstractString, juliafile::AbstractString)
contents = open(f->read(f), statefile)
state = Pluto.unpack(contents)
plutostate_to_julia(state, juliafile)
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