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Bryce Sheehan ctrl-freak

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ctrl-freak /
Created May 12, 2022
Windows Desktop Software
Name License Source
7-Zip Open Source
Audacity Open Source
Audiveris Open Source
Autodesk Fusion 360 Free License
AutoIt Freeware Platform
Blender Open Source
ctrl-freak /
Created May 11, 2022
Terraform Cloud Replace Provider in Remote State for 0.13 Upgrade


When upgrading to Terraform 0.13 where runs driven by VCS and state is stored remotely (in this case Terraform Cloud)

I had an issue where a public Github module I was using included which fails on older terraform versions.

I'd never used terraform locally, only connected the repository to Terraform Cloud.

The terraform 0.13upgrade is only in the 0.13 binaries, I had to download the old binary for my OS and run that specifically.

ctrl-freak / marleyspoon_mealie.workflow.js
Created Apr 25, 2022
Reformat Marley Spoon API Recipe for insert to Mealie via n8n
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var recipe = {}; = item.name_with_subtitle;
recipe.recipe_yield = '4 Servings';
var ingredients = [];
item.ingredients.forEach((ingredient) => {
item.assumed_ingredients.forEach((ingredient) => {
ctrl-freak /
Last active Jan 6, 2022
OpenALPR on Raspbian buster
## Prep SD card
# wpa_supplicant.conf
touch /boot/ssh
echo "enable_uart=1" >> /boot/config.txt
## Boot, ssh
uname -a
# Linux gatelpr 5.10.63+ #1496 Wed Dec 1 15:57:05 GMT 2021 armv6l GNU/Linux
ctrl-freak /
Created Jul 24, 2020
Modifying Android APK and Resign on Windows
ctrl-freak /
Created Jul 15, 2020
TP-Link TL-WN722N v2 Monitor Mode
sudo apt update
sudo apt install bc
sudo rmmod r8188eu.ko
git clone
cd rtl8188eus
sudo -i
echo "blacklist r8188eu.ko" > "/etc/modprobe.d/realtek.conf"
ctrl-freak /
Last active Jun 20, 2022
Install Kali Nethunter on Nexus 7 (2012) (grouper, talapia)


The Nexus 7 (2012) tablet is no longer supported by Offensive Security; I didn't have any luck with kernel/kali distributions, so attempted upgrading.


  • Installing Open GApps slows the device to a crawl, haven't been able to install an app without the device freezing (though may need to let it sort itself out for longer)
  • Attempted to avoid GApps by installing a browser from APK (via adb)
ctrl-freak /
Last active Jan 13, 2022
Install and PostgreSQL on Docker on Oracle Cloud Ubuntu, protected by Auth0
# This is a string of commands, not a developed script.
# Set a password to be used for the PostgreSQL authentication
# Create Instance
# Attach Block Storage
# Add a public IP to the NIC
# Edit the Instance > Virtual Cloud Network > Security Lists > Default Security Lists
ctrl-freak / gist:d0cef2cc0d88cb3ed64bd6fc0d08fb0d
Created Aug 30, 2019
Disable Adobe Reader XI Protected Mode at Startup Keyboard Shortcuts
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Security (Enhanced)
Enable Protected Mode at startup
ctrl-freak / homelab.txt
Last active Dec 23, 2020
Homelab Software
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Greenplum (Massively Parallel Postgres for Analytics)
Vagrant (Development Environments Made Easy)
Odoo (Open Source ERP and CRM)
Apache Hadoop