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Last active Jul 19, 2020
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(ns ucv.models.user
(:require #?@(:clj [[datomic.api :as d]
[ucv.util :as util :refer [spy when-clj]]]
:cljs [[ucv.auth :as auth]
[ucv.util :as util :refer-macros [spy when-clj]]])
[clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[taoensso.timbre :as log]
[fulcro.client.primitives :as prim :refer [defsc]]
[ucv.util :as util]
(:import ( SecureRandom)
(javax.crypto SecretKeyFactory)
(javax.crypto.spec PBEKeySpec)
(java.util Base64$Encoder Base64))))
(defsc User [this props]
{:query [:db/id :user/email :user/first-name
:user/last-name :firm-id :jwt]
:ident (fn [] [:user/current-user :singleton])
:initial-state (fn [_]
#?(:clj {}
:cljs {:jwt (auth/get-token)}))})
(when-clj []
(defn ^String gen-salt []
(let [sr (SecureRandom/getInstance "SHA1PRNG")
salt (byte-array 16)]
(.nextBytes sr salt)
(String. salt)))
(defn ^String encrypt
"Encrypt the given password, returning a string."
[^String password ^String salt ^Long iterations]
(let [keyLength 512
password-characters (.toCharArray password)
salt-bytes (.getBytes salt "UTF-8")
skf (SecretKeyFactory/getInstance "PBKDF2WithHmacSHA512")
spec (new PBEKeySpec password-characters salt-bytes iterations keyLength)
key (.generateSecret skf spec)
res (.getEncoded key)
hashed-pw (.encodeToString (Base64/getEncoder) res)]
(defn validate-user
"Validate a user. Returns boolean true if they are valid."
[db incoming-email incoming-password]
(let [{:user/keys [email
password-iterations]} (d/pull db [:user/email
[:user/email incoming-email])
hashed (when (and email encrypted-password password-salt password-iterations)
(encrypt incoming-password password-salt password-iterations))]
(not= incoming-email email)
(log/error "Attempted validation for invalid username" incoming-email)
(= hashed encrypted-password)
(log/info "Valid credentials for" incoming-email)
:else (do
(log/error "Invalid credentials for username" incoming-email)
(defn new-user
([email password iterations]
(new-user email password iterations {}))
([email password iterations {:keys [first-name id
last-name org]}]
(let [salt (gen-salt)]
{:db/id (or id (d/tempid :db.part/user))
:user/email email
:user/encrypted-password (encrypt password salt 100)
:user/password-salt salt
:user/password-iterations iterations
:user/first-name first-name
:user/last-name last-name
:entity/firm org}))))
(defmacro ^{:doc "Defines a server-side Fulcro mutation. Based on
fulcro.server/defmutation but with authorization. See fulcro docs."
:arglists '([sym docstring? arglist policy action])} defmutation
[& args]
(let [{:keys [sym doc arglist policy action]} (util/conform! ::mutation-args args)
fqsym (if (namespace sym)
(symbol (name (ns-name *ns*)) (name sym)))
intern? (-> sym meta :intern)
interned-symbol (cond
(string? intern?) (symbol (namespace fqsym) (str (name fqsym) intern?))
(symbol? intern?) intern?
:else fqsym)
doc (or doc "")
policy (:policy-fn policy)
{:keys [action-args action-body]} (if action
(util/conform! ::action action)
{:action-args ['env] :action-body []})
ex-msg (str "Mutation " fqsym " unauthorized, " policy " violated")
ex-body {:status 401}
`(defmethod fulcro.server/server-mutate '~fqsym [env# k# params#]
{:action (fn []
(let [~(first action-args) env#
~(first arglist) params#]
(if (~policy {:env env# :k k# :params params#})
(throw (ex-info ~ex-msg ~ex-body)))))})]
(if intern?
`(def ~interned-symbol ~doc
(fn [~(first action-args) ~(first arglist)]
;;; Example usage
(defmutation create-item
;; With takes a function that gets params and env as input and returns true/false to decide if mutation is authorized
(with [env] s.policy/existence)
(action [{:keys [conn current/firm current/user]}]
(item/create-item* conn {:firm firm
:params params})))
(ns ucv.server.parser
(:require [mount.core :refer [defstate]]
[taoensso.timbre :as log]
[datomic.api :as d]
[fulcro.server :as server]
[fulcro.incubator.pessimistic-mutations :as pm]
[com.wsscode.pathom.connect :as pc]
[com.wsscode.pathom.core :as p]
[com.wsscode.pathom.profile :as pp]
[ucv.server.database :as s.database]
[ucv.server.config :as s.config]
[ucv.util :as util]
[ucv.server.sql :as s.sql]))
(defmulti resolver-fn pc/resolver-dispatch)
(defonce indexes (atom {}))
(defonce defresolver (pc/resolver-factory resolver-fn indexes))
(defn preprocess-parser-plugin
"Helper to create a plugin that can view/modify the env/tx of a top-level request.
f - (fn [{:keys [env tx]}] {:env new-env :tx new-tx})
If the function returns no env or tx, then the parser will not be called (aborts the parse)"
(fn transform-parser-out-plugin-external [parser]
(fn transform-parser-out-plugin-internal [env tx]
(let [{:keys [env tx] :as req} (f {:env env :tx tx})]
(if (and (map? env) (seq tx))
(parser env tx)
(defn log-requests [{:keys [env tx] :as req}]
(let [{:current/keys [user firm]} env]
(log/info "user-id:" (:db/id user)
"firm-id:" (:db/id firm)
"transaction:" (pr-str tx)))
(defn add-current-info
"Adds current/information, such as current firm and user to env."
[{:keys [env tx] :as req}]
(let [{:keys [user-id]} env
db (d/db s.database/connection)
env* (assoc env :db db)
env* (assoc env* :conn s.database/connection)]
;; If the user is authenticated then user-id from sente is a db/id,
;; otherwise it's a string.
(if (instance? java.lang.Long user-id)
(let [current-user (d/touch (d/entity db user-id))
current-firm (:entity/firm current-user)
env* (assoc env*
:current/firm current-firm
:current/firm-id (:db/id current-firm)
:current/user current-user
:current/user-id (:db/id current-user))]
{:env env* :tx tx})
{:env env* :tx tx})))
(defn process-error
"If there were any exceptions in the parser their details are put in
a place pm/pmutate! can recognize."
[env err]
(let [msg (.getMessage err)
data (or (ex-data err) {})]
(log/error "Parser Error:" msg data)
{::pm/mutation-errors {:message msg
:data data}}))
(def parser
{::p/mutate server/server-mutate
::p/fail-fast? false
::p/plugins [(p/env-wrap-plugin (fn [env]
(assoc env ::pc/indexes @indexes
:config s.config/config
:sql-dbspec {:dbtype "postgresql"
:datasource (:ucv s.sql/connection-pools)}
:connection s.database/connection)))
(p/env-plugin {::p/reader [p/map-reader
(p/placeholder-reader ">")]
::p/placeholder-prefixes #{">"}
::pc/resolver-dispatch resolver-fn
::p/process-error process-error})
(preprocess-parser-plugin log-requests)
(preprocess-parser-plugin add-current-info)
(p/post-process-parser-plugin p/elide-not-found)]}))
(ns ucv.server.policy
(:refer-clojure :exclude [namespace])
(:require [taoensso.timbre :as log]
[datomic.api :as d]
[hardened.core :refer [namespace]]
[ucv.util :as util]))
(defn existence [{:keys [env]}]
(let [{:keys [current/user current/firm]} env]
(and (:db/id user) (:db/id firm))))
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