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Last active November 7, 2019 21:42
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open System.Net.Http
open System.IO
let downloadDataWithHttpClient (url: string) =
async {
use hc = new HttpClient()
// Just read the header
let! response = hc.GetAsync(url, HttpCompletionOption.ResponseHeadersRead) |> Async.AwaitTask
// if response.IsSuccessStatusCode
let filename = Path.GetTempFileName()
printfn "Starting download to file %s" filename
let! streamToReadFrom = response.Content.ReadAsStreamAsync() |> Async.AwaitTask
use streamToWriteTo = File.Open(filename, FileMode.Create)
do! streamToReadFrom.CopyToAsync(streamToWriteTo) |> Async.AwaitTask
return ()
let downloadData =
|> downloadDataWithHttpClient
|> Async.RunSynchronously
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