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Setup Selenium Server on Ubuntu 14.04
# Following the guide found at this page
echo "\r\nUpdating system ...\r\n"
sudo apt-get update
# Create folder to place selenium in
echo "\r\nCreating folder to place selenium in ...\r\n"
sudo mkdir ~/selenium
cd ~/selenium
# Get Selenium and install headless Java runtime
echo "\r\nInstalling Selenium and headless Java runtime ...\r\n"
sudo wget
sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre-headless -y
# Install Firefox
echo "\r\nInstalling Firefox ...\r\n"
sudo apt-get install firefox -y
# Install headless GUI for firefox. 'Xvfb is a display server that performs graphical operations in memory'
echo "\r\nInstalling XVFB (headless GUI for Firefox) ...\r\n"
sudo apt-get install xvfb -y
# Finally, starting up Selenium server
echo "\r\nStarting up Selenium server ...\r\n"
DISPLAY=:1 xvfb-run java -jar ~/selenium/selenium-server-standalone-2.44.0.jar

ihadeed commented Mar 14, 2016

Thanks this is helpful

Unable to access jarfile /home/sachin/selenium/selenium-server-standalone-2.44.0.jar

mkinf commented May 25, 2016

@hisachin I think your problem comes from Java installation. Make sure you installed the new version of Java, add it in the path and put it in the same place as selenium driver.

Hope that this will help you.

Please, Update this code with the latest versions :) and Thanks for your effort

Hi @curtismcmullan
Can you help me starting selenium server on startup? It would be a great help for many. Thanks for detailed commands for installing selenium.


zxl777 commented Oct 24, 2016

How chrome worked headless ?

Thanks a lot, it really helped.

Is it also possible to run xvfb-run in the background? I tried DISPLAY=:1 xvfb-run java -jar ~/selenium/selenium-server-standalone-2.44.0.jar &.

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