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Last active Sep 1, 2015
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(function(w) {
if (!w || !("performance" in w) || !w.performance || !performance.getEntriesByName) {
BOOMR = w.BOOMR || {};
BOOMR.plugins = BOOMR.plugins || {};
BOOMR.plugins.WaitForMark = {
markFound: false,
init: function() {
var markName = "cav";
function poll() {
var entries = performance.getEntriesByName(markName);
if (entries.length == 0) {
return setTimeout(poll, 500);
done: function() {
this.markFound = true;
is_complete: function() {
return this.markFound === true;

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@bluesmoon bluesmoon commented Sep 1, 2015

Question: do they want to set page load time to when the mark fires, or is page load time still tied to onload and the mark is just measured as a custom timer? If the former, then you will have to update t_done to be the mark's time.


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@cvazac cvazac commented Sep 1, 2015

I went the custom timer route

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