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macro for autoload and eval-after-load
;; Example with after-body.
;; (eval-after-autoload-if-found
;; '(cycle-buffer cycle-buffer-backward) "cycle-buffer" nil t nil
;; (setq cycle-buffer-allow-visible t)
;; (setq cycle-buffer-show-length 12)
;; (setq cycle-buffer-show-format '(" <(%s)>" . " %s")))
;; Example without after-body.
;; (eval-after-autoload-if-found 'smooth-scrolling "smooth-scrolling" nil t)
(defmacro eval-after-autoload-if-found (functions file &optional docstring interactive type &rest after-body)
"Set up autoload and eval-after-load for FUNCTIONS iff. FILE has found."
`(let* ((functions ,functions)
(docstring ,docstring)
(interactive ,interactive)
(type ,type)
(file ,file))
(when (locate-library file)
(mapc (lambda (func)
(autoload func file docstring interactive type))
(if (listp functions)
(list functions)))
,@(when after-body
`((eval-after-load file '(progn ,@after-body))))
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