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This code implements a facility for Slick 2.0 to inject custom SQL instead of the Slick produced SQL to be used when running a query
import scala.slick.lifted.{TableQuery => _}
import scala.slick.ast._
import scala.slick.driver._
import scala.language.implicitConversions
/** Extends QueryInvoker to allow overriding used SQL statement when executing a query */
trait OverridingInvoker extends JdbcDriver{
// get the extended QueryInvoker into the .simple._ implicits
override val Implicit: Implicits = new Implicits
override val simple: Implicits with SimpleQL = new Implicits with SimpleQL
class Implicits extends super.Implicits {
override implicit def queryToAppliedQueryInvoker[U](q: Query[_,U])
= super.queryToAppliedQueryInvoker(q: Query[_,U]).asInstanceOf[UnitQueryInvoker[U]]
override def createUnitQueryInvoker[R](tree: Node): UnitQueryInvoker[R] = new UnitQueryInvoker[R](tree)
// extended QueryInvoker
class UnitQueryInvoker[R](n: Node) extends super.UnitQueryInvoker[R](n) {
def overrideSql(sql: String) = new PatchedUnitQueryInvoker[R](sql,n)
// QueryInvokers that patch the used SQL
class PatchedUnitQueryInvoker[U](sql:String, n: Node) extends UnitQueryInvoker[U](n){
override def getStatement = sql
// Create a custom MySQL driver patching in the Overriding invoker
object CustomMySQLDriver extends MySQLDriver with OverridingInvoker
object Main extends App{
// Import stuff from the patched driver instead of the default
import CustomMySQLDriver.simple._
// please fill in jdbc connection url and driver
Database.forURL("...", driver = "...") withSession {
// tamper with SQL statement
val munged = Query(Suppliers).selectStatement + " where SUP_ID = 49"
// inject munged version
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cvogt commented May 17, 2014

There is a PR to add this feature natively to Slick 2.1 slick/slick#810

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Any hints to make this work for 2.1? As the PR is currently not in the 2.1 release but the 3.0 milestone

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help me
hack on assault fire plsss.......

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masoy143 commented Sep 1, 2016

how to insert

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How to download Slick Inject ?? on assault fire

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help me in aasult fire please in wall hack

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pa pasa po ng slick inject sa acc ko sa fb ito po ang name ko > aqu afwaller < please po pasahan niyo po ako

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hahahahahahaha what the fuck

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Maiakov commented Jul 9, 2018

why not present in slick 3+ ?

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