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cwage/- Secret

Created Jun 19, 2014
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zz0> [2014-06-18 22:48:02] <cwage> surprisingly no one has contacted me to write my anarchist take on the ideal size of the nashville metro council yet
zz1> [2014-06-18 22:49:30] <@jrlind> @cwage wouldn't that be zero?
zz2> [2014-06-18 22:52:02] <@cwage> @jrlind i'd be all like "as lysander spooner said" and so on
zz3> [2014-06-18 22:53:35] <@jrlind> @cwage given that teaser quote, it is hard to believe you haven't been asked to chime in
zz4> [2014-06-18 22:55:02] <@cwage> @jrlind all i know is that @emilynevans said she'd be in touch and .. you know .. feeling a bit left out TBH
zz5> [2014-06-19 13:42:11] <@EmilyNEvans> @cwage @jrlind ok sorry busy week.
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