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Created August 9, 2014 13:16
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public class CookieContainer : ICookieContainer
private readonly HttpRequestBase _request;
private readonly HttpResponseBase _response;
public CookieContainer(HttpRequestBase request, HttpResponseBase response)
// "Check" is a helper class, I've got from the "Kigg" project
Check.IsNotNull(request, "request");
Check.IsNotNull(response, "response");
_request = request;
_response = response;
public string GetValue(string key)
Check.IsNotEmpty(key, "key");
HttpCookie cookie = _request.Cookies[key];
return cookie != null ? cookie.Value : null;
public void SetValue(string key, object value, DateTime expires)
Check.IsNotEmpty(key, "key");
string strValue = CheckAndConvertValue(value);
HttpCookie cookie = new HttpCookie(key, strValue) {Expires = expires};
// ... see code sample for full implementation
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