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(function() {
const IS_LEGACY = +grafanaBootData.settings.buildInfo.version.split('.')[0] <= 6;
const user = prompt('Enter the username:', get(window, 'grafanaBootData.user.login', ''));
const pass = prompt(`Enter the password for "${user}":`);
const redirect = location.pathname +;
const t = IS_LEGACY
? {
logout: /^YES$/i.test(prompt('If a previous user is logged in, should he be logged out? (Yes/No)', 'Yes')),
cwest-consultch / ~io-functions.js
Created November 19, 2022 20:07 — forked from westc/~io-functions.js
cwest-consultch / Export Object
Last active January 4, 2023 04:17
Salesforce Bookmarklet - Export Object Descriptions

Salesforce Object Describer

This GitHub Gist contains the code for the YourJS Bookmarklet that can be used from within the Salesforce Developer Console to easily describe any Salesforce object.