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Created January 6, 2019 19:11
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echo "Creating AKS Cluster"
az aks create \
--resource-group $resourceGroupName \
--name kube-api-$envName \
--node-count 2 \
--node-vm-size Standard_A2_v2 \
--enable-addons monitoring \
--network-plugin azure \
--service-cidr \
--dns-service-ip \
--docker-bridge-address \
--vnet-subnet-id $subnetResourceId \
--service-principal $spId \
--client-secret $spPass \
--aad-server-app-id $serverApplicationId \
--aad-server-app-secret $serverApplicationSecret \
--aad-client-app-id $clientApplicationId \
--aad-tenant-id $tenantId \
az extension add --source --yes
az aks enable-addons \
--resource-group $resourceGroupName \
--name kube-api-$envName \
--addons virtual-node \
--subnet-name $nodeSubnetName
az aks get-credentials --resource-group $resourceGroupName --name kube-api-$envName --admin
kubectl apply -f helm-rbac.yaml
helm init --service-account tiller
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