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Last active January 6, 2019 18:54
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AKS-Deploy Part 2
echo "Creating Resource Group"
az group create -l westus -n $resourceGroupName
echo "Creating VNet"
az network vnet create \
--resource-group $resourceGroupName \
--name vnet-api-$envName \
--address-prefixes \
--subnet-name subnet-api-$envName \
echo "Creating Virtual Node Subnet"
az network vnet subnet create \
--resource-group $resourceGroupName \
--vnet-name vnet-api-$envName \
--name subnet-api-$envName-vnodes \
vNetResourceId="$(az network vnet show --resource-group $resourceGroupName --name vnet-api-$envName --query id -o tsv)"
subnetResourceId="$(az network vnet subnet show --resource-group $resourceGroupName --vnet-name vnet-api-$envName --name subnet-api-$envName --query id -o tsv)"
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