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Zip excluding specific directories and files

Zip excluding specific directories

Exclude .git file and node_modules directory

$ zip -r9 [target_file] [source_file] -x *.git* node_modules/\*

Exclude .git file and files in node_modules directory, but keep node_modules directory

$ zip -r9 [target_file] [source_file] -x *.git* node_modules/**\*

Number parameter means degree of compression. -9 is the most optimal but the slowest compression. If -0 is given, there will be no compression. Default level is -6.

** means to adapt exclusions recursively inner directories. \* is an escaped wildcard to avoid path expansion.

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this really helps thanks!

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wahyusa commented Mar 5, 2022

Thanks it works!!

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not work ???

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forme this is the work
zip -r dockerexpress dockerexpress -x 'node_modules/*'

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