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Install Tilix on Fedora, and spice it up with awesome default config
sudo dnf install -y tilix tilix-nautilus dconf && \
filename="tilix_config.dconf" && \
rm -f $filename;
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings activate-window-menu [] &&
curl -s "" >> $filename &&
dconf load /com/gexperts/Tilix/ < "$filename" &&
py_script_filename="" &&
rm -f $py_script_filename;
curl -s "" >> $py_script_filename &&
python $py_script_filename 'Tilix Quake Mode Binding' 'tilix --quake' '<Alt>space' &&
rm -f $py_script_filename &&
echo -en "\n\nTilix installed and configured successfully! \n\nDone! Hit Alt + Space for some magic :) \n\n"
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