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WordPress SQLite Integration Extensions and Fixes
Plugin Name: SQLite Query Fixes
Description: Custom SQLite Fixes for Wordpress and SQLite Integration
Author: Christopher Zenzel
Version: 1.0
add_filter('query', 'czwp_sqlite_query');
function czwp_sqlite_query($query) {
$query = czwp_sqlite_options($query);
return $query;
function czwp_sqlite_options($query) {
$query_lower = strtolower($query);
$detect = 0;
$detect += strpos( $query_lower, 'update' );
$detect += strpos( $query_lower, 'wp_options' );
$detect += strpos( $query_lower, 'null' );
if ($detect >= 3) {
$query = str_ireplace('NULL', "''", $query);
return $query;
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