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czers / assert-safe-removal.bash
Created Jul 6, 2018
Assert safe removal of files - e.g. make sure that photos from SD card are all copied to your hard disk before deleting them
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function get-checksums-with-names {
find $1 -type f -exec basename "{}" \; > $2.names
#find $1 -type f -exec md5sum "{}" \; > $2.fullpaths.md5sum
#cut -c-32 $2.fullpaths.md5sum > $2.just.md5sum
#paste -d '|' $2.just.md5sum $2.names > $2.names.md5sum
get-checksums-with-names $1 $2
czers /
Last active Apr 8, 2017
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# Choose subscription to use like this:
# az account list --output table
# az account set --subscription "Visual Studio Professional with MSDN"
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