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Last active Dec 17, 2015
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Hack to display hvad translated fields in the admin's changelist.
from django.contrib.admin.util import label_for_field
from hvad.admin import TranslatableAdmin as BaseTranslatableAdmin
class TranslatableAdmin(BaseTranslatableAdmin):
Translation friendly admin base class.
Allows user to display translated fields in the admin changelist.
# We make use of a NEW attribute here.
# This is just like list_display except that it accepts translated fields.
# To do so prepend hvad translated fields with "hvad__" like so:
# hvad_list_display = ['hvad__mytranslatedfield', 'normalfield']
# Just like in list_display the fields are listed in the way they are defined.
hvad_list_display = []
# Here we identify the string that will be used to identify translated fields.
hvad_field_prefix = 'hvad__'
def wrap_hvad(self, model_field):
Returns a wrapper that knows how to represent a translated field.
model_field = model_field.split('__')[1]
translation_model = self.model._meta.translations_model
field = translation_model._meta.get_field(model_field)
except FieldDoesNotExist as e:
raise e
def hvad_for_admin(obj):
return obj.lazy_translation_getter(model_field,
hvad_for_admin.short_description = label_for_field(model_field, translation_model)
return hvad_for_admin
def get_list_display(self, request):
Return a sequence containing the fields to be displayed on the
changelist by wrapping the fields in self.hvad_list_display that starts with the prefix defined in
fields = [self.wrap_hvad(field_name) if field_name.startswith(self.hvad_field_prefix) else field_name
for field_name in self.hvad_list_display]
return fields
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