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Created Nov 27, 2013
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Django Readonly Select2 widget
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from django_select2.widgets import Select2MultipleWidget
class ReadonlySelect2MultipleWidget(Select2MultipleWidget):
def render_inner_js_code(self, id_, *args):
Renders all the JS code required for this widget.
:return: The rendered JS code which will be later enclosed inside ``<script>`` block.
:rtype: :py:obj:`unicode`
options = dict(self.get_options())
options = self.render_select2_options_code(options, id_)
# I know how this looks, but setting the "readonly" option to true is not enough :(
js = u"""
$("#{id}").select2("readonly", true);
return js.format(id=id_, options=options)
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