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zns1-n2@root:~ # egrep -v "^$|^#" /kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf
name="scsi_vhci" class="root";
ddi-forceload =
scsi-vhci-failover-override =
"HGST HUS724030ALS640", "f_sym",
"HGST HUSMH8010BSS204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUSMH8020BSS204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUSMH8040BSS204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUSMH8080BSS204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUSMM1616ASS204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUSMM1680ASS204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUSMM1640ASS204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUSMM1620ASS204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUH721008AL4204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUH721010AL5204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUH721008AL5204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUH721010AL4204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUH728080AL4204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUH728060AL4204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUH728080AL5204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUH728060AL5204", "f_sym",
"HGST HMH7210A0AL4604", "f_sym",
"HGST HUS726060AL4214", "f_sym",
"HGST HUS726050AL4214", "f_sym",
"HGST HUS726040AL4214", "f_sym",
"HGST HUS726020AL4214", "f_sym",
"HGST HUS726060AL5214", "f_sym",
"HGST HUS726050AL5214", "f_sym",
"HGST HUS726040AL5214", "f_sym",
"HGST HUS726020AL5214", "f_sym",
"HGST HUS726060ALS214", "f_sym",
"HGST HUS726050ALS214", "f_sym",
"HGST HUS726040ALS214", "f_sym",
"HGST HUS726020ALS214", "f_sym",
"HGST HUC101818CS4204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUC101812CS4204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUC101890CS4204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUC101860CS4204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUC101845CS4204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUC156060CS4204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUC156045CS4204", "f_sym",
"HGST HUC156030CS4204", "f_sym",
"TOSHIBA PX04SHB160", "f_sym",
"TOSHIBA PX04SHB080", "f_sym",
"TOSHIBA PX04SHB040", "f_sym",
"TOSHIBA PX04SHB020", "f_sym";
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