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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Hiro Fukami's .vimperatorrc
" Hiro Fukami's Vimperatorrc
" 基本設定
set toolbars=addons
set hlsearch
set ignorecase
set visualbell
set complete=S
set focuscontent
let g:ex_ime_mode = "inactive"
let g:textarea_ime_mode = "inactive"
" キーマップ設定
map j 7<C-e>
map k 7<C-y>
map <BS> H
map <S-j> <C-p>
map <S-k> <C-n>
map <S-Left> :tabmove! -1<CR>
map <S-Right> :tabmove! +1<CR>
map @ :sp -b <S-Insert><CR>
map ^ :sp -r <S-Insert><CR>
map c :history!
map s :stop
map d <M-w>
map gf :t<CR>
map gl :t<CR>
map gm :t<CR>
map gn :t<CR>
map gt :t<CR>
map ga :t<CR>
map gr :t<CR>
map gw :t<CR>
" プラグイン設定
command calc -nargs=* echo JSON.parse(util.httpGet(""+encodeURIComponent("<args>")).responseText)[1].filter(function(r) r.indexOf("=") == 0)[0].replace("= ","")
" .vimperatorrcを再読み込み
map <C-r> :source ~/.vimperatorrc<CR>
let g:direct_sbm_use_services_by_tag = "h"
let g:direct_sbm_use_services_by_post = "h"
"For FeedSomeKeys_3.js plugin
" autocmd VimperatorEnter .* <args> を lazy コマンドとして登録
"command! -nargs=+ lazy autocmd VimperatorEnter .* <args>
lazy fmaps -urls='mail\.google\.com/mail' c / j k n p o u e x s r a # [ ] z ? gi gs gt gd ga gb gc gl b <S-i> <C-h> <C-Enter>
"Google Calendar
lazy fmaps -urls='www\.google\.com/calendar' -events=vkeydown k j r t d w m c <Del> / + q s ?
"Google Docs
lazy fmaps -urls='docs\.google\.com/' <Del> <C-x> <C-d> <C-v> <C-c> <C-y> <C-z> <C-a>
lazy fmaps -urls='feedly\.com/' gm ga gg r j k n p o v m x s e t ? <S-m>
set hintchars=hjklasdfgyuiopqwertnmzxcvb
hi Hint z-index:5000; font-size:12px; color:white; background-color:gray; border-color:lightgray; border-width:2px; border-style:solid; padding:0px 2px 0px 2px; position:absolute; font-family: Menlo, Consolas, Monaco, monospace; text-transform: uppercase;
" 最後に読み込み完了を表示
echo "### Finish loading vimperatorrc. ###"
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