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with tf.Session() as train_sess:
init = tf.global_variables_initializer()
for step in range(self.max_step_per_action):
batch_x, batch_y = self.mnist.train.next_batch(self.bathc_size)
feed = {model.X: batch_x,
model.Y: batch_y,
model.dropout_keep_prob: self.dropout_rate,
model.cnn_dropout_rates: cnn_drop_rate}
_ =, feed_dict=feed)
batch_x, batch_y = self.mnist.test.next_batch(10000)
loss, acc =
[loss_op, model.accuracy],
feed_dict={model.X: batch_x,
model.Y: batch_y,
model.dropout_keep_prob: 1.0,
model.cnn_dropout_rates: [1.0]*len(cnn_drop_rate)})
if acc - pre_acc <= 0.01:
return acc, acc
return 0.1, acc
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