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Last active November 5, 2023 21:39
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If you want to learn Scala, I’d suggest:

Improving Scala/FP/Reactive Programming

Read more about FP, Cats/Scalaz, Akka Streams, Monix, CQRS, and all the cool libs/patterns out there.

Update: 2017-08-01: Added Scala for the Impatient

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lforite commented Aug 1, 2017

I would add : if you do java, do more java. Use final everywhere to force yourself to use immutability. Use copy constructors. Also don't use exceptions. Don't use null, but option. Don't use foreach loops but use the java 8 stream features to manipulate collections.

It will come handy to get into Scala mindset

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polentino commented Aug 2, 2017

I would also recommend to have a look at @twitter's Scala School: ;)

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CADBOT commented Aug 12, 2017

@d1egoaz, out of curiosity, what about the coursera course makes it a less than ideal starting point?

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baiwfg2 commented Aug 14, 2017

@CADBOT It's a kind of thing that needs plenty of practices. Teachers are talking, you're just listening, this model, however, is not working so well. Just doing more is better. Anyway , there're many good books out there for you to explore.

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camivepe commented Sep 29, 2017

@d1egoaz usted es diabólico! What do you think about using Akka-Http instead Play (especially when you don't need UI, just expose REST services)? Maybe merits adding it, I say. Gracias por el post parcero.

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@d1egoaz, I'm interested in why you didn't list Odersky's Programming in Scala? Are the underscore books a better introduction?

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