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~ > brew install imagemagick
==> Cloning
M www/api/animate.html
M www/api/annotate.html
M www/api/attribute.html
M www/api/blob.html
M www/api/cache-view.html
M www/api/cache.html
M www/api/cipher.html
M www/api/color.html
M www/api/colormap.html
M www/api/compare.html
M www/api/composite.html
M www/api/constitute.html
M www/api/decorate.html
M www/api/deprecate.html
M www/api/display.html
M www/api/distort.html
M www/api/draw.html
M www/api/drawing-wand.html
M www/api/effect.html
M www/api/enhance.html
M www/api/exception.html
M www/api/feature.html
M www/api/fourier.html
M www/api/fx.html
M www/api/histogram.html
M www/api/image-view.html
M www/api/image.html
M www/api/layer.html
M www/api/list.html
M www/api/magick-deprecate.html
M www/api/magick-image.html
M www/api/magick-property.html
M www/api/magick-wand.html
M www/api/magick.html
M www/api/memory.html
M www/api/module.html
M www/api/mogrify.html
M www/api/monitor.html
M www/api/montage.html
M www/api/morphology.html
M www/api/paint.html
M www/api/pixel-iterator.html
M www/api/pixel-view.html
M www/api/pixel-wand.html
M www/api/profile.html
M www/api/property.html
M www/api/quantize.html
M www/api/registry.html
M www/api/resize.html
M www/api/resource.html
M www/api/segment.html
M www/api/shear.html
M www/api/signature.html
M www/api/statistic.html
M www/api/stream.html
M www/api/transform.html
M www/api/version.html
M www/api/wand-view.html
M www/architecture.html
M www/binary-releases.html
M www/changelog.html
M www/cipher.html
M www/color.html
M www/command-line-options.html
M www/command-line-processing.html
M www/command-line-tools.html
M www/compare.html
M www/compose.html
M www/composite.html
M www/conjure.html
M www/contact.html
M www/contrib/color-swatch.html
M www/convert.html
M www/display.html
M www/download.html
M www/escape.html
M www/examples.html
M www/exception.html
M www/export.html
M www/formats.html
M www/fx.html
M www/high-dynamic-range.html
M www/history.html
M www/identify.html
M www/import.html
M www/index.html
M www/install-source.html
M www/jp2.html
M www/license.html
M www/links.html
M www/magick++.html
M www/magick-core.html
M www/magick-vector-graphics.html
M www/magick-wand.html
M www/miff.html
M www/mirrors.html
M www/mogrify.html
M www/montage.html
M www/motion-picture.html
M www/perl-magick.html
M www/quantize.html
M www/resources.html
M www/search.html
M www/sitemap.html
M www/sponsors.html
M www/stream.html
M www/subversion.html
M www/t-shirt.html
Updating /Users/d2s/Library/Caches/Homebrew/imagemagick--git
==> Checking out tag 6.6.9-4
error: You have local changes to 'www/api/animate.html'; cannot switch branches.
Error: Failure while executing: git checkout -q 6.6.9-4
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