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Created Jan 13, 2015
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framework$ git shortlog 2.5.1-release..2.6-release
Antonio Salazar Cardozo (86):
Add ajaxOnSubmit as an AJAX complement to onSubmit.
Expand docs for ajaxOnSubmit to clear up differences with ajaxSubmit.
Revert "Use ThreadLocalRandom in StringHelpers.randomString on Java 7."
Update comments in ListHelpers to refer to Box, not can.
Add centralized handling for parameters not mapped to Lift functions.
Strip a no-longer-relevant warning about synchronization.
Fix some indentation fail.
Merge pull request #1503 from lift/msf_issue_1503
Explicitly note list discussions in PR requirements.
Align readme PR verbiage with
Merge pull request #1509 from lift/pmb_liftscreenfix
Merge pull request #1506 from japgolly/liftrule_for_funcname_gen
Rename pageResourceId to instanceResourceId in LiftRules.
Add instance- prefix to instance resource id.
Fix expectation for blank parameter URI serialization.
Remove expected IllegalArgumentException for blank parameter in spec.
Merge branch 'issue-1516'
Merge branch 'master' into vn971-master
Merge pull request #1519 from lift/msf_issue_1519
Fix Box->Option implicit conversion spec.
Fix a reference to open_! in the Box specs.
Define a get method on Box and immediately deprecate it.
Add mockito test dependency to lift-webkit.
Make Req.json return a Failure on incorrect content-type.
Merge pull request #1525 from lift/msf_issue_1525
Abstract req setup for Req JSON tests into mockReq trait.
Add specs for valid Req.json for valid JSON content types.
Rename mockReq to mockJsonReq.
Move expected parsed JSON into mockJsonReq for spec use.
Add bodyAsJson method.
Abstract mockJsonReq into mockReq and mockJsonReq.
Make Req.xml return a Failure on incorrect content type.
Add bodyAsXml method.
Add LiftRules.supplementalHeaders and deprecate supplimental variant.
Fix the deprecation warning in jsonCall.
Deprecate S.fjsonCall, which does not use lift-json.
Deprecate a bunch of stuff that uses the old JSONParser.
Deprecate jsonFmapFunc with old JSONParser.
Deprecate legacy JSONParser things in MetaRecord.
Add proper deprecation warnings to two methods.
Deprecate xbind-related things in Mapper.
Fix a broken interpolation fix.
Revert "Change default scala version to 2.10.4."
Merge pull request #1536 from lift/power-of-fours
Merge pull request #1543 from lift/more-deprecations
Merge pull request #1552 from lift/tcn_issue_1498_2
Merge pull request #1556 from lift/tcn_issue_1555
Tweak some TimeHelpers specs for reliability.
Increase the error margin of .later spec.
Merge pull request #1546 from lift/deprecate-xbind-stuff
Fix a concurrent map conversions in webkit.
Fix webkit Enumerations using deprecated constructor.
Mix in XmlMatchers as needed in specs2.
Fix visibility issue in S for 2.11.
Fix specs2 return type inferencing issues.
Fix 2.11 issue with type alias variance.
Increase margin for later/ago TimeHelpers specs.
Extend FlatSpec instead of mixing it in.
Add nasty 2.9.2 compatibility hack.
Whoops, don't depend on webkit_compat in 2.11-land.
Add compatible around declaration for specs2 2.x.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into antonio_scala_2_11
Move snippetClassMap to ConcurrentHashMap.
Remove webkit_compat.
Remove extraneous scalaParserVersion variable.
Merge pull request #1564 from lift/tcn_issue_837
Merge pull request #1533 from lift/spelling-bee
Merge pull request #1563 from lift/tcn_issue_1551
Merge pull request #1537 from lift/zero-point-thirteen
Merge pull request #1253 from lift/msf_issue_1253
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into antonio_scala_2_11
Merge pull request #1566 from lift/tcn_mongo_stuff
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into antonio_scala_2_11
Separate target directory for pre-2.11 project.
Merge pull request #1558 from lift/antonio_scala_2_11
Fix dependencies for 2.11.1.
Fix lift-mongodb-record test compilation in 2.11.
Fix lift-util test compilation in 2.11.
ResponseShortcutException redirects in comet.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 1522-forcibly-jsonic
bodyAsXml/bodyAsJson gain "forced" prefix.
Specs for parse failures in XML/JSON bodies.
Merge pull request #1576 from izmailoff/master
Merge pull request #1583 from lift/diego-build-fix
Conditionally exclude the Position.scala file in Scala <2.11.
Austen Holmes (3):
Allow scheme-relative urls
Don't rewrite scheme-relative URLs
Update per policy
Dave Whittaker (2):
Remove unnecessary synchronization while getting/setting ContainerVar values. Refs issue #1629.
Updated documentation explaining why ContainerVar doesn't need explicit synchronization. Refs #1629.
David Barri (9):
Made run-mode auto-detection customisable.
Use test run-mode when running tests from ScalaTest or IDEA.
Split PropertyWithModificationCondition.set() into multiple lines and added doco.
Removed PropertyWithModificationCondition.
Added tests for run-mode property modification.
Moved Mailer's inner classes from trait to object.
Fixed MailerSpec after moving Mailer inner classes from trait to object.
Added LiftRules.funcNameGenerator which controls the logic of S.formFuncName.
David Pollak (17):
Merge pull request #1453 from lift/uhl_issue_1453
Merge pull request #1450 from lift/msf_issue_1450
Null testing for headers. Closes #1452
Closes #1455. Finer grained sync
Fixed a real deadlock
Merge pull request #1459 from lift/pmb_cssparser
Merge pull request #1458 from lift/pmb_multiselectfix
Replaced many HashMap with ConcurrentHashMap
Fix an edge case for HTML5 -> ByteStream
Added the Markdown package
Created observable future creation
Fixed a minor issue
Adds \;name for data-name selector. Adds "1 \[href\]" to only apply changes to top-level attributes
Add support for X-Frame-Options
Closes #1126. Swallows an inner <a> for Menu.item
Remove source directive from the scalatest library
correctly escape end script tags
Diego Medina (33):
Merge pull request #1463 from lift/tcn_issue_1400
Merge pull request #1464 from lift/tcn_issue_1349
Merge pull request #1472 from hedefalk/master
Merge pull request #1487 from lift/msf_issue_1487
added a target jvm of java 1.6, as I'm building with java 1.7
Merge pull request #1499 from xuwei-k/jobject-hashcode
To build the project for java6, you have to have java6, you cannot simply use the source: ... option
the latest pgp plugin does not sign jars with publish, now you have to use publish-signed
Merge pull request #1500 from chriswebster/perfFix
Merge pull request #1511 from infofinity/master
Initial changes to dependencies to build lift against 2.11.0 final
Added scala-xml a dependency starting with scala 2.11.0
Added newer version of scala-jpa Added scala parser cobinator library as dependencies Lift-Markdown compiles
Added a Position.scala file which was made private in scala 2.11.0 but they do not offer any replacement and we need it. Added 2.11.0 as a version we cross compile
Use latest version of combinators library
Modified the default root project, lift-framework, to exclude json_scalaz by default. Added a new project, `lift-framework-with-scalaz6` which adds json_scalaz and can be used when you need lift json scalaz that uses scalaz 6
scalaz7 uses 2.11 prefix, not 2.11.0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into diego_scala_2_11
Merge pull request #1557 from lift/improve-timehelpersspec-reliability
Merge pull request #1575 from lift/listener-renaming-deprecation
Merge pull request #1581 from lift/tcn_issue_1579
Added squeryl back to the lift build Updated to latest squeryl version Minor specs2 change so it compiles undder latest specs2 version
updated unsafePublish to using sbt 0.13.x
avoid double tag in pom, which sonatype does not like
prepare build script to build from lift_26 instead of master
Merge pull request #1623 from lift/tcn_issue_1622
Add implicit from tuple to SelectableOption
Merge pull request #1631 from lift/dw_issue_1629
Merge pull request #1630 from lift/diego_issue_1628
Renaming the Position.scala file to ScalaPosition.scala to avoid
remove sbt code related to Position.scala
ajaxPostTimeout doesn't have to be multiplied by 1000, because it is used as is on ScriptRenderer, so the client should just get the same value in both cases
Prepare for 2.6
Diego Medina (fmpwizard) (23):
version changed to 2.6-SNAPSHOT
Fixed #1188 - Support form=ajax as snippet-attribute
scala 2.9.x doesn't like this tail rec annotation, but it works fine on 2.10.x
Fixed failing test for the css selector (select first match)
fixed #1250 - HTTP OPTIONS verb support
Addressed Matt's comments
To be consistent I changed a few `def` for `val` and removed two println
fixed issue #1456 - Deprecate .is on mapper and fix the one on Record
Removed about a million warnings after deprecating .is from Record and Mapper
fixed #1291 - SHtml.ajaxSelect doesn't serialize ampersands (&) correctly
fixed #1465 - Lift could annotate type of primaryKeyField as a workaround to Scala regression SI-7612
fixed #1014 - A new CreatedResponse that takes JSON
Added support for html5 templates in the test framework
fixed #1457 - Make LiftRules use the html5 parser by default
Fixed failing tests related to now using html5 as the default format
Fixed the ToHeadUsages tests related to using the new html5 parser
We don't want to use eventually here, as it will keep sending an `Add(44)` message to the actor
updated readme to use 2.5.1 instead of 2.4
closes #1481 - [Breaking change] - Remove ActorWatcher from Lift 2.6
Fixed #1473 - SqlServerBaseDriver should set brokenLimit_? to true
Fixed #1157 - BasicTypesHelpers.toBoolean("on") returns false
Upgraded to sbt 0.12.4
Revert "removed unnescessary structural typing hack"
Donald McLean (6):
Update MockHttpRequestSpec.scala
Update MockHttpServletRequest.scala
Added my name and email
Corrected formatting
Update MockHttpServletRequest.scala
Update MockHttpRequestSpec.scala
Jon Hoffman (1):
Optimization for LiftSession.findSnippetClass
KevG (1):
Update to clarify pull request guidelines
Matt Farmer (72):
Implement SelectableOption, and use it in place of tuples for select*.
Add an implicit conversion from tuple to SelectableOption.
Refactor, improve readability for SHtml.checkbox[T].
Readability improvements to SHtml.secureOptions[T].
Implement and use SelectableOptionWithNonce during processing.
Readability improvements to SHtml.secureMultiOptions[T].
Use SelectableOptionWithNonce in secureMultiOptions[T].
Set custom attributes for option tags in select_*.
Fix a MatchError related to the new SelectableOption.
Populate custom option attributes in untrustedSelect_*.
Populate custom option attributes in untrustedMultiSelect_*.
Populate custom option attributes in ajaxUntrustedSelect_*.
Implement SelectableOption support for ajaxSelect*
Make the type bound on SelectableOption* more tolerant.
Clean up some rouge cases.
Oops. Missed a case.
Missed yet another case? Find/replace fails me again.
What will hopefully be the last case-nuking commit.
Fix the spelling of implicits in net.liftweb.util.Vendor.
Implementation of onEventIf, a version of onEvent guarded by confirm().
Tweak deprecated information for supplimentalKidMenuItems.
Merge pull request #1445 from lift/nafg/supplimental
Add specs for mock actors.
Implement MockSpecializedLiftActor and MockLiftActor.
Expose the mailbox of a Mock*LiftActor via the messages method.
Use the "^" character to select the head element.
Name existing S.ieMode to S.legacyIeCompatibilityMode.
Include user agent calculation functions in S.
Add helpers for detecting IE10/11.
IE < 6 still counts as IE.
Comments should reflect reality: update IE compat comments.
Simplify Loc.doesMatch_?
Add and implement the MatchWithoutCurrentValue LocParam.
Add specs to prove MatchWithoutCurrentValue works as expected.
Add an example of using MatchWithoutCurrentValue with IfValue.
Update License section of readme to reflect committer policy.
Add spec to ReqSpec for correctly identifying IE versions.
Update defaultIeCalcFunction to correctly detect IE 11.
Merge pull request #1517 from chriswebster/master
Clarify some of the Memo names used in Meta.Reflection.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into msf_issue_1519
Remove unused hasDeclaredField and its memo.
Implement toSingleBox.
Merge pull request #1523 from lift/1523-gettin-boxed-in
Merge pull request #1521 from lift/asc-issue-1521
Merge pull request #1526 from rofreytag/db_realeasecon_fix
Simplify the toSingleBox implementation.
Update toSingleBox doc to state that List sizes may differ.
Version bump to 2.6-M3 for release.
Version bump to 2.6-SNAPSHOT for forward development.
Build the 2.10 edition of Lift 2.x using Scala 2.10.4
Bump us to sbt 0.13.1.
Liftsh is now smart enough to download the sbt launcher for you.
Ignore the sbt launcher jar under project/
Change default scala version to 2.10.4.
Merge pull request #1545 from lift/scaladoc-deprecations
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into zero-point-thirteen
Start pulling the yui compressor plugin from git directly.
Somehow 2.10.0 ended up as the default version? Fixed.
Bump sbt to version 0.13.5.
Some formatting improvements in Mailer.buildMailBody
Improve variable names a bit to improve readability.
Add a comment documenting behavior of Exchange w/ mixed.
Add a spec to cover the new multipart/mixed behavior.
Remove a println.
Merge pull request #1569 from lift/msf_email_attachments
Add withFilter implementation to BaseResponse.
Merge pull request #1522 from lift/1522-forcibly-jsonic
Merge pull request #1571 from lift/comet-deflection
Merge pull request #1590 from lift/asc-issue-1588
Merge pull request #1637 from lift/diego_issue_1617
Merge pull request #1636 from lift/diego_issue_1635
Michael Elgar (1):
Include option attributes in multiSelect_*
Mike Limansky (1):
Fix: mail attachments should be placed in multipart/mixed MIME part.
Mikhail Strebkov (1):
Fixed parsing json double values in scientific notation with e+
Naftoli Gugenheim (4):
Fix spelling mistake in supplimentalKidMenuItems
Add ValueSnippets LocParam, generalizes Snippet, LocSnippets, DispatchLocSnippets
Simplify Loc.Snippet.apply overload disambiguation
More cleanup
Peter Brant (6):
Fix typo when constructing secured multi options
A few CSS parser robustness improvements
Fix compile in Scala 2.10.1+
Provide explicit parameter type
Set Date header when sending mail
Share init key value
Robert Freytag (2):
Fixed stale database connection release - getAutoCommit, rollback and commit can throw exceptions on stale connections, which was preventing a correct connection release
narrowed catch clause in connection-release, changed loglevel to error
Tim Nelson (31):
Issue #1400 - Add Joda Time support to MongoRecord
Issue #1349 - Add createdAt function to ObjectIdField
Issue #1411 - dirty_? flag in Record and Meta as in Mapper
Replaced all uses of MongoId with ObjectIdPk in test code.
Issue #1348 - Add lifecycle callbacks to MongoMetaRecord.update
Minor cleanup re PR feedback
Updated mongo-java-driver to v2.11.2
Issue 1498 - Mongo -> MongoClient Transition
Fixed MongoSave tests.
Use beLike to check failure message.
Move ConnectionIdentifier to util package.
Replaced use of MongoIdentifier with ConnectionIdentifier
Updated mapper.ConnectionIdentifier to util.ConnectionIdentifier
Issue #1505 - Create RecordRule for field name.
Fix form element in MongoListField
Apply cursor conversion improvement to MongoMetaRecord.findAll
Upgraded mongo-java-driver to 2.12.2
Added an ObjectId extractor to lift-mongo.
Added MongoRecord extractor to lift-mongodb-record
Added RecordRules.displayName.
Added MongoRules.collectionName
Documented the types that MongoListField supports.
Fix setFromJValue on MongoListField
Make AsObjectId.asObjectId public
Use StringHelpers.charSplit in MongoRules.
Added mongodb.JsonExtractors for DBObject <-> JValue conversions.
Remove Mongo.defineDbAuth function that takes a MongoClient as an argument and updated deprecation message for the other defineDbAuth functions.
Replace MongoMeta.ensureIndex with createIndex.
Fixes #1573 - Failing Mongo Specs due to error message changes.
Issue #1622 - Revert DefaultConnectionIdentifier.jndiName to var
Deprecate and use property to set DefaultConnectionIdentifier.jndiName
Tmr (1):
Small fix in ListenerManager trait's comments
Torsten Uhlmann (1):
Issue #1453: LAFuture.collect crashes when futures are resolved out of order
Vasya Novikov (3):
code clean-up
Box.forall method
tests for Failure.forall, Failure.exists methods
Viktor Hedefalk (6):
withFilter on JValue to rid warnings on for-comprehensions
fixed timezone spec
Fixed path in Menu
removed unnescessary allocations
removed unnescessary structural typing hack
Will Palmeri (1):
optimized version of compact(render(json)) using a StringBuilder
izmailoff (3):
Added documentation to warn clients about thread-local behavior of methods.
Added documentation to warn clients about thread-local behavior of 'doWith' methods.
Merge branch 'master' of
pbrant (1):
Merge pull request #1595 from lift/pmb_lift_26_pending
websterc (2):
Improve performance of decomposing case classes to Json
Memoize declared fields to avoid reflection during case class decomposition
xuwei-k (3):
override JObject#hashCode
JObject equals hashCode test
Update contributors
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