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Scale Summit 2016 - morning

Breaking down barriers (11am, room: Water)

  • e.g. between ops and developers
  • ops view: we have a DR system, we can't just add in the latest thing even though it's great for developers. Can seen like we are always saying "no". Need to expose ops perspective.
  • how does a team become more transparent?
  • do teams need to be integrated? Is siloed better?
  • " inception deck ", on a new project, what keeps each team up at night?
  • bank view: putting up checklists, because face to face communication has failed. But then just finger pointing when things go wrong.
  • if communication is hard between teams, why isn't it one team? Focus on delivery, not roles. "we copied Spotify, basically "
  • maybe read some books on negotiation skills
  • socialise, put names to faces
  • ops adopting tech, and selling it to tech teams
  • manage the team output, not the means. An argument against standardising.
  • ownership and who is on call, leads to responsible choices?
  • internal talks: so teams learn about what else is going on, what concerns are, demands, needs, etc.
  • empathy. Remote teams should meet.

Is the general purpose OS holding us back? (12pm, room: Earth)

  • CoreOS... Updates don't seem so great
  • SystemD ... Seems great
  • Upstart with Ubuntu "one of there most horrific thing ever"
  • Atomic
  • Commercial "boxviews" (doesn't really seem to give benefit for running up JAR)
  • runtime.js (stripped out unikernel that runs node)
  • debugging? e.g., of "bluejeans"
  • Brian Cantor talk: make containers crash hard and use memory debugging
  • mdb sweet software, allows you to dive into most things.
  • also dtrace
  • Lumos - recommended
  • Alpine for testing - (becaus you can stop/start quickly changes how you use autoscaling)
  • Experiment: running on Alpine
  • e.g., when testing or running on your laptop with many microservices, it pays to have containers you can bring up and shutdown in second or sub-second.
  • OSV
  • Idea of JVM being closest to something that could "just run", but see docker/oracle licensing; JVM has traceability etc
  • Erlang VM
  • Pony+LLVM(+LLDB inside of it if you want)
  • Why get rid of stuff? attack service, size, launch time.
  • Related:
    • Cost of learning: arcane new tech to get into production vs. what you're developing in. E.g., 30 seconds to build a container is adding cost and complexity (two systems:your developer OS and the production deployment system)
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