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Created July 16, 2019 13:20
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My OhMyZsh OS X setup
alias gitclean='git branch --merged | egrep -v "(^\*|master|develop)" | xargs git branch -d && git remote prune origin'
alias dockerclean='docker stop $(docker ps -aq) && docker rm $(docker ps -a -q) -f'
alias dockerwash='docker rmi $(docker images -q)'
alias dockerstop='docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)'
alias dockerkill='docker kill $(docker ps -q)'
alias dockerprune='docker system prune --all --force --volumes'
alias dockerreset='docker stop $(docker container ls -a -q) && docker system prune -a -f --volumes'
alias gs='git status'
alias gl='git log'
alias gaa='git add .'
alias gc='git commit -m '
alias ls='ls -GFh'
alias gg='lazygit'
alias lzd='lazydocker'
# Bash-alike PATH attachments
export NVM_DIR="$HOME/.nvm"
[ -s "$NVM_DIR/" ] && \. "$NVM_DIR/"
[ -s "$NVM_DIR/bash_completion" ] && \. "$NVM_DIR/bash_completion"
export PATH="/usr/local/opt/php@7.2/bin:/usr/local/opt/php@7.2/sbin:$PATH"
export PATH="${PATH}:${HOME}/.composer/vendor/bin"
export PATH="$PATH:/Applications/Visual Studio"
export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/flutter/bin"
# OSX antigen file
source /usr/local/Cellar/antigen/2.2.3/share/antigen/antigen.zsh
# Load the oh-my-zsh's library.
antigen use oh-my-zsh
# Load the theme
antigen theme denysdovhan/spaceship-prompt
# Bundles from the default repo (robbyrussell's oh-my-zsh).
antigen bundle git
antigen bundle heroku
antigen bundle pip
antigen bundle lein
antigen bundle command-not-found
antigen bundle autojump
antigen bundle common-aliases
antigen bundle compleat
antigen bundle git-extras
antigen bundle git-flow
antigen bundle npm
antigen bundle web-search
antigen bundle z
antigen bundle zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting
antigen bundle zsh-users/zsh-history-substring-search ./zsh-history-substring-search.zsh
# Syntax highlighting bundle.
antigen bundle zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting
# Tell Antigen that you're done.
antigen apply
# Setup zsh-autosuggestions
source "$HOME/.zsh/zsh-autosuggestions/zsh-autosuggestions.zsh"
# Load custom aliases
[[ -s "$HOME/.bash_aliases" ]] && source "$HOME/.bash_aliases"

# Installation

Copy the .zshrc and .bash_aliases files to your personal folder ~/{.zshrc,.bash_aliases}

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