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Notes on Apple's under-documented launchd

Notes on Apple’s Under-Documented LaunchD

Start triggers fire regardless of other conditions

For example, StartOnMount=true will cause the job to start when anything is mounted even if other conditions, e.g. QueueDirectories, say the job should not run

Rhythm of repeating jobs

The StartInterval timer begins ticking at the moment the plist is loaded. If something like QueueDirectories is preventing the job from running initially, but the queue becomes available, the job will not be started until the StartInterval timer expires. The StartInterval timer starts over when the job exits, so a 20 second job with a 10 second StartInterval will run every 30 seconds.

Start Triggers and <StartInterval>

If a trigger such as <StartOnMount> causes the job to run, it doesn’t restart the <StartInterval> timer. If it was about to expire when the Trigger happened, the job may run again immediately.

<ThrottleInterval> is about handling failures

<ThrottleInterval> says how long to wait if the job fails. If launchd thinks the job succeeded, <ThrottleInterval> will be irrelevant.

Set <ThrottleInterval> to zero for short <StartInterval> jobs

The console will say, “ThrottleInterval set to zero. You’re not that important. Ignoring.” But in fact it doesn’t ignore your setting: it stops trying to respawn the job when it exits in less than 10 seconds.

A non-existent <WorkingDirectory> is a soft error

If you specify a non-existent <WorkingDirectory>, the job runs in /

Meaning of <QueueDirectories>

If you set <QueueDirectories> and launchd sees that the directories are not empty after the job runs, it considers that to be a failure and runs the job again after the <ThrottleInterval> expires. Therefore, if you’re trying to set up a repeating job that runs only when a given directory exists, you can’t use <QueueDirectories> for that purpose.

<WatchPaths> will be triggered by disk mounts/unmounts

You can use this to respond when a particular directory has gets an image mounted/unmounted on it. This works regardless of whether the directory exists before/after the mount/unmount.

Loading and unloading with -w

If you unload a plist with -w and then subsequently try to load it without -w, launchctl will just tell you “Nothing found to load.” I’m not sure exactly what this implies yet.

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