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Drools parsing issues / published by #35be246f-26fd-4583-8da7-286d601cf37b/91417bddd9ce5e134d8eebb29df2a93717048e98
// summary : Drools parsing issues
// keywords : scala, drools, mvel, scalatest, ai, @testable
// publish : gist
// authors : David Crosson
// license : Apache2
// id : 35be246f-26fd-4583-8da7-286d601cf37b
// execution : scala ammonite script ( - run as follow 'amm'
// created-on : 2019-10-02T17:04:57+02:00
import $ivy.`fr.janalyse::drools-scripting:1.0.11`, $ivy.`org.scalatest::scalatest:3.2.6`
import fr.janalyse.droolscripting._, org.scalatest._, flatspec._, matchers._, OptionValues._
object DroolsParsingTest extends AnyFlatSpec with should.Matchers {
info("Be aware of the fact that drools knowledge base parsing may just fail...")
"Drools parser" should "(not) give NullPointerException on inheritance issue" in {
val drl =
"""package test
|declare Truc end
|declare Muche extends truc end
intercept[NullPointerException] { // still true with drools 7.27.0.FINAL
val engine = DroolsEngine(drl) // because Muche extends truc instead of Truc
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