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Last active Mar 22, 2022
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TV Sender
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yabbes commented Jun 30, 2017

I can't open them with mpv :( do they still work for you?

For people wondering, I found a way to make it work on the zdf-mediathek

  1. Start video playback
  2. copy "Beitragsurl" with a right click
  3. curl [URL]
  4. choose video source to your liking "RESOLUTION=1280x720,"
  5. mpv / vlc [link]

@dadosch : maybe they change the url from time to time? those links you listed for zdf don't work anymore for me for example, but the source urls I got with curl are similar. For example here the 720p one for ZDF:

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TuxNix commented Aug 11, 2017

I've made a script for watching Live TV and another for recording with TV-browser called Stream Recorder.
I took live-stream URL's from Medathek-View. I will test yours the next days. It gives people the chances to modify resolution, if the have bad Internet connectivity.

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