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Created Jan 24, 2018
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import Foundation
import MobileCoreServices
struct UTType: CustomStringConvertible {
let value: CFString
init?(mimeType: String) {
guard let UTI = UTTypeCreatePreferredIdentifierForTag(kUTTagClassMIMEType, mimeType as CFString, nil)?.takeUnretainedValue() else { return nil }
value = UTI
var description: String {
return value as String
extension UTType {
var isImage: Bool {
return UTTypeConformsTo(value, kUTTypeImage)
var isSVG: Bool {
return UTTypeConformsTo(value, kUTTypeScalableVectorGraphics)
let image = UTType(mimeType: "image/jpg")
image?.isImage // true
image?.isSVG // false
let svg = UTType(mimeType: "image/svg+xml")
svg?.isImage // true
svg?.isSVG // true
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