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Last active Mar 24, 2018
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Elevator Pitch

Mario Maker's older brother, for every platform. Powerful world building tools and an easy mechanism for sharing and playing worlds. Build and play trivial platformer levels or complex sidescroller games.


Players can jump into a huge number of worlds, all designed by other players. They use an intuitive design tool to put together interesting levels with a variety of styles and designs and can customize things to a huge degree. It's available for computers and mobile devices.

Monetization Strategy #1

Players can subscribe to the service and then 'favorite' as many worlds as they want. At the end of the month, a portion of their subscription fee is distributed to the creators of those favorited worlds.

[Charging for the game itself will just limit exposure, which will be necessary to get a large number of users.]

Monetization Strategy #2

Sell the game for $X. World builders purchase content packs which they can use as much as they want. Players don't have to buy any content packs.


  • No story mode (unless we build one in later using the world building tools)
  • Players select a world and play it via the mode indicated:
    • Normal platformer play
    • Time trial
    • Collectables/puzzle mode
  • World editor
    • Separate levels connected by doors, teleporters, whatever
    • Each level can have
      • Object placements
        • Separate layers?
      • Camera mode
        • Follow the player
        • Constant X motion
        • Constant Y motion
      • Named entry points (used for initial spawns and entry to secondary+ levels)
    • Visual scripting system
      • Scripts can be attached to
        • Levels
        • Players
        • Enemies
        • Objects
      • Triggers
        • Spawn
        • Movement
        • Hit
        • Timer
      • Actions
        • Spawn
        • Despawn
        • Move
        • Hide
        • Show
        • Attack
  • World sharing
    • Can be made public, unlisted, or password protected
    • Shared worlds must not contain illicit or unacceptable materials
      • Three strikes system
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