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Jesco Freund daemotron

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Created Oct 27, 2018
Install Ortho4XP on Windows

Python can be installed in various flavours - I have 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7 installed on my machine in parallel, without further issues. For Ortho4XP, I'd recommend Python 3.7 in a 64 bit flavour - and install it under C:\python37 (it doesn't interfere with Python 2.7).

My Ortho lives on an external HDD (mine is called k:). There, I just created a directory for O4XP to live in. I use 1.30 for quite a while, so I had to fetch it via git. Not sure it's still the case, but it's the only way I know... I use cmder to have a better console than default, and it comes with Git for Windows bundled if you like to...

Furthermore, you'll need a couple of Python libraries which normally require a compiler, but there's a site hosting pre-compiled packages for Windows, which is highly useful:

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Created May 28, 2017
POC distance class with unit conversion
import math
factors = {
'mm': 0.001,
'cm': 0.01,
'in': 0.0254,
'dm': 0.1,
'ft': 0.3048,
'yd': 0.9144,
'm': 1.0,
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Last active May 28, 2017
POC ZeroRPC server
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import logging
import platform
import signal
import gevent
import zerorpc
Server = None
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