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Created Oct 15, 2010
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[BaseSecurityFilter(role: "Admin")]
public class AuditController : BaseController
private readonly dynamic _structureService;
public ViewResult All()
var audits = _commonDao.GetAll<Audit>(new[] { "CreatedOn" });
var auditDtos = Mapper.Map<IList<Audit>, List<AuditDto>>(audits);
var indexContainer = new AuditIndexContainer(auditDtos);
return View("All", indexContainer);
public virtual ViewResult Delete(Guid deleteAuditUid)
var audit = _commonDao.GetObjectById<Audit, Guid>(deleteAuditUid);
return All();
public virtual ViewResult Index()
List<NameValueDTO> businessUnits = _structureService.BusinessUnitsForLookUpsWithDefault(GetCurrentUser, "All");
var indexContainer = new AuditIndexContainer(businessUnits);
return View(indexContainer);
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