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$spacing: 0.625; // 4px
$unit: rem;
$spacing-x1: #{$spacing}#{$unit} !important;
$spacing-x2: #{$spacing * 2}#{$unit} !important;
$spacing-x3: #{$spacing * 3}#{$unit} !important;
$spacing-x4: #{$spacing * 4}#{$unit} !important;
$spacing-x5: #{$spacing * 5}#{$unit} !important;
$spacing-x6: #{$spacing * 6}#{$unit} !important;
$spacing-x7: #{$spacing * 7}#{$unit} !important;
$spacing-x8: #{$spacing * 7}#{$unit} !important;
$mx-rules: 'margin-left', 'margin-right';
$my-rules: 'margin-top', 'margin-bottom';
$ml-rules: 'margin-left';
$mr-rules: 'margin-right';
$mb-rules: 'margin-bottom';
$mt-rules: 'margin-top';
$px-rules: 'padding-left', 'padding-right';
$py-rules: 'padding-top', 'padding-bottom';
$pl-rules: 'padding-left';
$pr-rules: 'padding-right';
$pb-rules: 'padding-bottom';
$pt-rules: 'padding-top';
@mixin add-space-rule($rules, $space) {
@each $rule in $rules {
#{$rule}: #{nth($scale, $space)}$unit !important;
@mixin m($space) {
margin: #{nth($scale, $space)}$unit !important;
@mixin p($space) {
padding: #{nth($scale, $space)}$unit !important;
@mixin mx($space) {
@include add-space-rule($mx-rules, $space);
@mixin my($space) {
@include add-space-rule($my-rules, $space);
@mixin ml($space) {
@include add-space-rule($ml-rules, $space);
@mixin mr($space) {
@include add-space-rule($mr-rules, $space);
@mixin mt($space) {
@include add-space-rule($mt-rules, $space);
@mixin mb($space) {
@include add-space-rule($mb-rules, $space);
@mixin px($space) {
@include add-space-rule($px-rules, $space);
@mixin py($space) {
@include add-space-rule($py-rules, $space);
@mixin pt($space) {
@include add-space-rule($pt-rules, $space);
@mixin pt($space) {
@include add-space-rule($pt-rules, $space);
@mixin pl($space) {
@include add-space-rule($pl-rules, $space);
@mixin pr($space) {
@include add-space-rule($pr-rules, $space);
@mixin pb($space) {
@include add-space-rule($pb-rules, $space);
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