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// Source:
class Monster {
// A method named "constructor" defines the class’s constructor function.
constructor(name, health) {
// public name object = name;
// private name object
this[pHealth] = health;
// An identifier followed by an argument list and body defines a
// method. A “method” here is simply a function property on some
// object.
attack(target) {
log('The monster attacks ' + target);
// The contextual keyword "get" followed by an identifier and
// a curly body defines a getter in the same way that "get"
// defines one in an object literal.
get isAlive() {
return this[pHealth] > 0;
// Likewise, "set" can be used to define setters.
set health(value) {
if (value < 0) {
throw new Error('Health must be non-negative.')
this[pHealth] = value

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commented Jul 21, 2017

This is helpful. Unfortunately, the source link seems (strangely) dead now.

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