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Last active August 29, 2015 13:56
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* Collaborating with Ricardo in finishing PAUSE changes agreed to in the Lancaster Consensus
* Patching to use CPAN::Common::Index for lower memory use and/or faster index response time
* Refactoring code from CPAN, CPANPLUS and cpanminus into CPAN::Common::* modules for less duplication and greater consistency across clients
* Prototyping ideas I have for improved code benchmarking tools
* Closing security holes in various toolchain modules
* Automating Metabase deployment with configuration management tools
* Implementing IPv6 support in HTTP::Tiny; also reviewing a pull request for persistent connection support
* Implementing coderef/arrayref/object in @INC support for Acme::require::case
* Improving perldoc for require
* Exploring BackPAN indexing and improved PAUSE indexes
* && x_postinstall requirement phase
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